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Transition - Video

September 14, 2022 | Categories: Will’s Touches

I started in this business 15 years ago.  The rate of change within our world and the financial markets has brought periods of both security and insecurity.  The ability to serve other people, their families, and businesses as a financial advisor has changed a great deal in the last decade and a half too.  We are still in the midst of transition, and I know there are more changes coming over the next 15 years.  I feel like I need to continue to reach out to you all in added ways, so we are going to communicate virtually more often.  A video is no replacement for a ”voice to voice” or “face to face” interaction.  It is only an added method to step in with a few thoughts about things on my mind.  It is a way for the community Shamrock currently supports (clients, other professionals, and my coworkers) to connect with me more readily in a way where you will get to know us a bit better.  Hopefully, it will provide you with a sense of reassurance that I am spending hours every day trying to find new methods to help you all.  These videos will show up when I am struck with something to share while I am under my spell of M’s (Meditation, Music, and Movement).  I frequently walk with my headphones on to let the reality of my current day in and clear my mind for the most important things and to save the room in my brain for them while I allow the unnecessary items to leave my head with each slowing exhale.  Sometimes I give too much brain space to things that don’t deserve so much attention.  So, here and there I will pull out my head phones, and when something shows up that seems important then I will take a break from the meditation or some great song playing (I was listening to “Jesus, The Missing Years by John Prine -  when I recorded this) and offer what has crossed my mind that might be worth sharing.  I’ll talk to you soon but in the meantime please watch the first installment.