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Shamrock Newsletter - June

June 11, 2024 | Categories: Will’s Touches

History doesn’t always predict the future, but it can inform some expectations about what might be in front of us. I'm not suggesting that because something that has happened in the past will happen in the future, but looking backward is all we have to figure out what’s coming. Historical data tells us that there is no political party that can claim victory with market performances versus the other.

What is clear is that over the next five or six months, there will be continued uncertainty about our own political environment in the U.S. This uncertainty may or may not have an impact on portfolios.

It may or may not impact you personally based on your preferred outcome. My goal, always, is to have an objective view of the market, and I will continue to do that this year. Right now, there is a disconnect between what consumers are feeling and what the data is telling us. Consumers are not feeling confident, and that has a big impact on a consumer-driven economy.

All that said, we still have an optimistic view that, between now and the end of the year, we should continue to see meaningful performance in the markets. Look forward to talking to you soon, take care,




Shamrock Newsletter - June